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The Arts in Concord, Massachusetts

The young Louisa May Alcott

The young Louisa May Alcott

A variety of highly creative people -- from visual artists, to authors, musicians, etc -- have historicially made their homes here, both now and in the past.

Today, Concord is home to many hundreds of artists who either live and/or practice their art here. For example: easily 200 published authors make their homes here. Concord continues to enjoy the extraordinary richness the arts lend to our community.

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Concord Writers on the Web
  • Visit the Alcott Family's Orchard House

  • A. Bronson Alcott was a philosopher, educator, and Transcendentalist. Search for the articles about him on our website here.

  • Louisa May Alcott. Search for the articles about her on our website here. A writer and Louisa May Alcott buff has a really wonderful, passionate and personal site devoted to her called the Alcott Web. Definately not ordinary!

  • Ralph Waldo Emerson. Here are the Works of Ralph Waldo Emerson. Search for the articles about him on our website here. Download the Emerson Concordance here. Emerson: A Visionary Life has a great deal of info to choose from including some non-traditional resources. Here is a nice list of Emerson quotes. Lots of good info and sources on Emerson's Transcendentalist Webpage. Read and download some of his works. Join the Emerson Quotes Email List and find Waldo arrive at your inbox regularly.

  • Nathaniel Hawthorne and his family lived in Concord for rather a time. Here is an essay on his early work. There is also very good page with many Hawthorne links.

  • Henry David Thoreau. Search for the articles about him on our website here. View The Thoreau Reader. Here is an extensive compilation of the text of his works, quotations, critical analyses, and many other sites. Northern Illinois University's Thoreau Edition site is devoted to collecting and "translating" the lost or nearly-lost work of this author. Don't miss the fascinating discussion on Thoreau's handwriting and the set of excellent links. The Literary Traveler includes a short essay on Walden and rivers in Concord. Read some of his works online. A modern rendition of Thoreau's cabin

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