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Turning the Concord Magazine into a... Blog??!

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concordtopbridge.jpgThis blog is an experimental version of the 11-year-old Concord Magazine, which is about all things Concord -- Concord Massachusetts, that is!

Rather than publishing the ezine twice a year as we've been doing of late, we thought it would be great to publish entries as topics and information came up. So of course, blog technology sounded about right to us!

We will try this out for a couple of months and evaluate if this format serves both our community and our all-volunteer staff.

Would you like to contribute to this blog? If so, please contact the editor with your entry or suggested topic.

The Concord Magazine Blog reserves the right to edit all entries for length or clarity, and to select which entries are chosen for publication.

Subscribe to this blog's feed here.  Alternately, subscribe to our current Concord Magazine announcement list, and you will be notified via email twice a month of new  blog entries... we may also send an announcement sooner if there has been any fast-breaking, time-sensitive news on the blog.  If you choose the email option, make sure you reply to YahooGroups' email confirmation request message.

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