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What's This Blog's Philosophy? Goals?

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We thought it would be a good idea to explain the underlying philosophy and goals of the Concord Magazine Blog.  All publications have biases and bents -- from the finest to the least.  To not admit having any would not be honest -- or even human.  Best we be clear about our agenda, knowing one will always exist.

1923 mm.jpgThe Concord Magazine Blog seeks to:

  • Celebrate and enjoy the many wonders of our community, its people, history, and culture.
  • Promote the open, active, transparent practice of democracy in Concord by the most people possible, and for the greater good of the community. 
  • Empower individuals citizens to use their strengths, gifts and abilities for the greater good of life in Concord.
  • Use simple technology to help strengthen and weave together the community.
  • Publish information and minority opinions that might not otherwise be heard widely.
  • Quickly communicate information that is time-sensitive.
  • Be realistic and unflinching about how we can improve our town.
Some things we promise we will not be:

  • Able to report on all Concord news and events -- as a volunteer organization, we just can't manage it!
  • Too polite and genteel to ruffle anyone's feathers -- local birds, please take note!
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