The 375th Birthday Parade Was Great!

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This morning's ab-so-LUT-ley perfect weather was only one of several delightful surprises this splendid parade held in store for us. Seeing so many people we knew in the parade, and so much creativity, enthusiasm and energy was a real treat.  It was a display of Concord's amazing depth of cultural richness and community.

Not to take away from any of that sweet local wonderousness, other surprises came from some colorful non-locals.  Sacco, Maine's Gym Dandies unicycle corps were simply AMAZING! The mysterious and fabulous costumes worn by the group from Philadelphia, and the fun of the Welshes Company human-powered Concord grape clusters were a hoot!

What a great spectacle!  One of the 90 parade units carried a sign that said, "The Party Heard 'Round the World'".  We can hardly wait until our 400th!



Photos: ©2010 Deborah Bier

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