11 Tips for Selecting Seeds to Grow in the Concord Area (Part 1)

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37002131.thb.jpgGardening season begins now, with the purchasing of seeds!  Many catalogs are already here, and gardeners are itching to begin.  Here are some important points to consider when selecting seeds for local success and sustainable practices. These are by our editor, Debbie Bier, who often writes and teaches about sustainable backyard farming.

Choose open pollinated seeds. Only open pollinated seeds (OP) can be saved and bred true; many are heirlooms. Seed cannot be saved from hybrids. Get off the treadmill of always buying seeds for everything you plant by opting for OP varieties. Save their seeds and regrow your successes!

Think variety. We don't know what climate change will bring us; don't put all your eggs in one basket! Planting a wide array of types of plants (also, more than one variety of any single veggie) is like an insurance policy. Look at cold and warm, dry or wet tolerances for different plants and go for a broad range of capabilities.

Expand your harvest. Add more cold weather crops so you can plant and harvest during the frosty months. Multi-season planting takes practice; it's vital for food security.

No peat moss. The peat fields of North America sequester more than 50% of the soil carbon pool for our entire planet.  They are a non-renewable resource.  Instead, use a combo of compost, sand and garden soil for indoor seed starting and transplanting.

Focus on New England sourcing. Locally grown seed means the parent plants did well in our area. Ditto for heirlooms originating in New England (climate change aside).

Look to neighbors. What do folks on your block plant that does well? Try the same!

(5  more tips in a couple of days....)

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