This is How it All Starts: Excess Tomatoes

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excesstoms7.257.11.jpgI took this photo today of the handful of cherry tomatoes ripe in the greenhouse.  Though until now I've just scarfed them up standing right there, I deemed these "excess" and brought them into the house. I think there are 7 of them. Adorable, aren't' they? Yummy, too.

Just for context, I want to harken back to last year. I cooked quarts and quarts of tomato sauce -- through August and September, I made some almost every day.  And probably in total most of a gallon of tomato jam.  And we ate tomatoes raw and cooked constantly.  I am just guessing that we had 350-400 lbs of tomatoes until (but not including) the ones we brought in when it was going to frost.

And in October when the hard frost was expected, we brought 200 lbs of green, ripening and almost ripe tomatoes. Here's just SOME of the immediate post-harvest results; there were hundreds more tomatoes than these, It was my all-fall chore to keep them sorted and coming to our waiting maws.

table10-10-10med.jpgundertable.jpgAbout 80% of these tomatoes ripened -- with about 10% of these and half of the not-fully-ripened ones that went funky going to the grateful chickens.  Here is what was left by December 10, the top ones being for humans, the next ones being for chickens.

dec10ripetomsmed.jpgdec10ripetomschickens.jpgJanuary 11, these were out very last from the fall harvest. Aren't they adorable?  Jut like today's seven little cherry tomatoes. And so the cycle begins again...



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