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birchriver.jpgThis blog is an experimental version of the 11-year-old Concord Magazine, which is about all things Concord -- Concord Massachusetts, that is!

Rather than publishing the ezine twice a year as we've been doing of late, we thought it would be great to publish entries as topics and information came up. So of course, blog technology sounded about right to us!

We will try this out for a couple of months and evaluate if this format serves both our community and our all-volunteer staff.

Like both ConcordMA.com and the Concord Magazine, this blog is published and edited by Deborah Bier, Concord resident since 1982. (For more info about Deborah, see her website here.)

Any unsigned posts on this blog can be assumed to be editorial in nature and the opinion of the management.

Want to see the philosophy and goals by which we operate here? Check out this post.

Please remember: this is a BLOG, not a newspaper.  We will not offer the same range of news and information a newspaper does -- anyway, that territory is being covered by both the Concord Journal and the Boston Globe. We have no intention of trying to replicate what they do.

What we will offer is quick, quirky, quizzical and occasionally queasy-making news, commentary and information. Remember: this is an experiment, and we don't yet know how it's going to turn out!  

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