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A Virtual Booklet from The Concord Magazine

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The Concord Fight - A Virtual Booklet

the monument to the 3rd british soldier killed at the old north bridge 4/19/1775 We offer a collection of articles from the Concord Magazine's now-extensive archive, presenting them tied together in a specific theme of The Concord Fight -- also known as the Battle of Concord -- which took place on April 19, 1775. While we have attempted to make this a comprehensive list of articles we've published, we do not mean to imply that the information in this booklet is a comprehensive treatment of this subject.

The articles in the booklet remain in the locations where they originally appeared. As time goes by, we will update the index below as new pieces on this topic are published. It is current as of May, 2001.

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Articles About the Concord Fight by D. Michael Ryan

Mysterious Militia Man Deserts at the Old North Bridge
By D. Michael Ryan
The curious -- and perhaps dubious -- story of James Nichols, a farmer supposedly from Lincoln.

Emerson, the Bridge and the British
By D. Michael Ryan
A neighbor to the North Bridge at the Old Manse, Rev. William Emerson, using his pulpit to point out the injustices of British rule, was considered "a very bad subject of his majesty."

Battle Road and Vietnam Merge Across History
By D. Michael Ryan. Though separated by nearly two centuries and tens-of-thousands of miles, New England and Southeast Asia hauntingly merge.

This Patriot's Name is for Posterity
By D. Michael Ryan. Orchestrator of the events around the Concord Fight, James Barrett was considered by some to be " great a patriot as was then or perhaps ever in Concord..."

Historic Buttrick Facts Reviewed and Revised
By D. Michael Ryan. Careful research in primary sources reveals new information about the man in charge at the Old North Bridge on April 19, 1775.

Joseph Thaxter: The Lord's Minister at the Bridge
By D. Michael Ryan. Colonial American ministers were among those who stirred up trouble with England.

Burial Site of the Third British Soldier
By D. Michael Ryan. After 225 years, the burial place of the third British soldier killed at the battle at the North Bridge will finally receive acknowledgment.

Separating Fact from Fiction About Colonial Militias
By D. Michael Ryan. What did it take to be a Minuteman? According to the author, preparedness, determination, patriotism and bravery.

Trey Told Wright Tavern Tales
By D. Michael Ryan. While many of the events on April 19, 1775 took place at the North Bridge, Concord's taverns saw important action, too.

Colonial Phrase to Modern Idiom: It's Pot Luck
By D. Michael Ryan. The original meanings of "flash in the pan, " "at loggerheads," and "a wind fall" and other expressions from Colonial times.

Trials and Tribulations for Concord's Tories
By D. Michael Ryan. Find out the fate of those Concordians who didnt' support the Colonists during the Revolutionary War.

Doolittle Engraves April 19th for Posterity
By D. Michael Ryan. This historically-accurate engraving is the only contemporary portrait of the Concord Fight.

The Concord Fight and Fearless Isaac Davis
By D. Michael Ryan. Acton's commander led the minutemen to battle at the North Bridge

What Ever Can Go Wrong Will Go Wrong
By D. Michael Ryan. Murphy's Law plagued both sides on April 19, 1775.

Intolerable Papists, Jesuits and Revolutionary Concord
By D. Michael Ryan. Catholicism was not well tolerated in Concord during Revolutionary times.

Senseless Act Begets Revenge and Propaganda
By D. Michael Ryan. An atrocity at the North Bridge during the Concord Fight has long-reaching repercussions.

Concord's Mystery Mural
By Kristina Joyce. No one knew much about the mural in the Walden Street post office; we traced its history.

Grand Musick and the Concord Conflict
By D. Michael Ryan. The music that kept the troops buoyed at the Old North Bridge.

Concord Gaol
By D. Michael Ryan. Sir Archibald Campbell did not enjoy his time in Concord one bit.

Simple Span.....The Old North Bridge
By D. Michael Ryan. This icon has a much more interesting past than you might have imagined.

The Concord Year of Harvard
By D. Michael Ryan. Did you know that for one year Harvard College was located in Concord?

Liberty's Daughters
By D. Michael Ryan. The contributions by local colonial women are oft-overlooked when it comes to the history of the Concord Fight. Here we help to rectify that omission.

An Unfurled Flag: The Concord Fight and Controversy
By D. Michael Ryan. What flags were "to April's breeze unfurled?" The answer might surprise you.

Town Meeting 1773-74: A Resounding Stand Is Taken
By D. Michael Ryan. How Town Meeting played a vital role in the coming of the American Revolution.

Concord, Slaves and Two Fights for Freedom
By D. Michael Ryan. Before they gained their own freedom, slaves owned by Concordians helped their masters free themselves from England.

The Concord Town House: When a House is not a Hall
By D. Michael Ryan. Our Town House houses our municipal government, but dont' call it town hall!

Myth and History: Is History About the "Truth"? (Part 2 of a continuing series)
By D. Michael Ryan. A search for historical truth leads to a new interpretation of Joseph Hosmer's plea at the Old North Bridge: 'Will you let them burn the town down?'"

Myth and History: A New Understanding on a Famous Statement (Part 3 of a continuing series)
By D. Michael Ryan. Can history ever represent the "truth" or does it always contain some revision? An historical researcher's musings.

Other Authors on Mid- and Late-18th Century Topics

A Thoughtful and Delicate Act
By Aryeh Finklestein
Rumor, incorrect information, and confusion mark many of our understandings of the North Bridge site today. The author's decade-long research reveals the first of many mysteries.

From the Concord to Concord: A Thank You Note
By Susan Mello. When our naval namesake, the USNS Concord, came to town, no one suspected just how wonderful the visit would be.

Patriot's Day Parade 2000
By John Ferrari. A photo display of the 225th Anniversary of Patriot's Day Parade in Concord.

A Snow-Touched Concord Minuteman
By Richard Stevenson. A photo essay of Daniel Chester French's Concord Minuteman statue kissed by snow.

Historic Sources on the Concord Fight on Display at the Library
By Leslie Perrin Wilson. Millie Barrett's scissors and dozens of other artifacts documenting the Concord Fight and celebrations of Patriot's Day will be shown in April and May in the Concord Free Public Library.

The Concord Fight Monument on Monument Square...Now Gone
By Louis A. Surett. Before the monument at the North Bridge, there was an earlier one on Monument Square destroyed by vandalism.

Papers of Legendary Hoar Family Come to the Concord Library
By Leslie Perrin Wilson. From a family important to Concord, the state, and the country, this exciting new collection gives insight to over two centuries of history.

Minuteman Coins and Stamps
By John Deecken. A lifetime fascination with coins and stamps yields a marvelous minuteman collection.

The Concord and Lexington Minuteman Statues: Not the Same!
By Deborah Bier. Often confused with one another, these two statues are definately NOT the same. The ways they differ may surprise you.

Learning and Living History
By Deborah Bier. Local historian D. Michael Ryan both studies and lives out Concord Revolutionary history.

The Somewhat Secret Garden at the North Bridge
By Samantha Wilson. A delightful garden overlooks the Old North Bridge, yet many visitors don't know it's there. See it here in full bloom.

The Great Main Street Patriot's Day Magic Show
Never mind the parade itself; Main Street and the cheering crowd are just as exciting. Before and after photos on parade day.

Detained and Held for Questioning
By Deborah Bier. Explore the new Minuteman National Historical Park with this ranger-led trek.

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