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The Concord Discussion List

The Sudbury River in Summer

The Sudbury River in Summer

This email list has been going since 1998! A zillion emails later, we are going stronger than ever. This is the place to find out the latest, share your views, and discussion the topics that matter...everything from Town Meeting, to a reliable plumber, to a good place to eat dinner, etc.
This list is devoted all things Concord: it's history, people, every-day life, politics, community issues, opinions and comments which affect life in our town. It is generally unmoderated and open to anyone who wants to participate. (skip to subscription info or simply send email to

This is a free service of the We feel neighborly discourse, public discussion and the easy availability of public information to be important and are excited this forum contributes to all of these purposes.

See the list guidelines.

What to Expect
Though we do encourage participation, if you wish you may "lurk." This means that you subsribe but just watch the exchange, not sending messages until you feel comfortable doing so.

While we hope this list will be a source of facts for participants, we would like to point out that this is a DISCUSSION. Therefore, some of the exchange will be opinion, and potentially biased. The accuracy and reliability of the sources of the information presented must be judged by list members themselves. is not responsible for any inaccurate statements made on this list.

Unless someone from a town committee or office specifically says they are speaking for that body or department, the content of the list does not represent official statements.

In order to promote discussion, we do require that participants refrain from flaming (rude, insulting, derogatory or intentionally disruptive remarks). Flamers may be banned from the list at the listowner's discretion.

How to Join
Joining is easy. Send email to You'll receive a confirmation you reply to and that's it!

If there are any problems with this process, send email to the listowner

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