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For Concord Residents

The Wayside

The Wayside, residence of Hawthorne, the Alcotts and Margaret Sidney

Here's a combination of vital and quirky info of interest to residents, or to those thinking of moving here.
Concord Town Basics
  • Basic statistics and facts at a glance here.
  • Concord Municipal Website is at
  • 2007 Town Report
  • Concord Public Schools and Concord-Carlisle Regional School District
  • See here for links to Town, State and Federal WWW resources.

    The Concord Online Bookstore
    If you're interested in life in Concord check out our Online Bookstore.

    Local Weather

  • Four day metropolitan Boston weather forecast.
  • Local forecast and weather conditions now.
  • Four day pollen count

    Getting To, From and Around Concord
    Lots of this info on our Transportation and Maps pages.

    Concord Discussion List
    Join this email list and discuss Concord issues.

    Places of Worship
    A list with contact information here.

    The Natural World of Concord
    We live in such an amazingly beautiful town, much of that splendor coming from our fields, rivers, streams, ponds, and woods. After a few years, many of us take a lot of this beauty for granted. These links can help us appreciate our town anew.

  • Concord in Images, a Virtual Booklet.
  • Nature in Concord, another Virtual Booklet.
  • The special Concord's Waterways edition of the Concord Magazine. Don't miss the page of even more archived articles on Concord's Waterways.
  • Birding in New England
  • Ray Angelo's sweeping Botanical Index to the Journals of Henry David Thoreau helps us peek into the plant life of 19th century Concord, much of which is still accurate today. It makes reference to the printed edition of the journals.
  • Thoreau's Natural History of Massachusetts presents much local information. (More Thoreau links.)
  • The Estabrook Woods
  • See photos of animals taken in the wild in Great Meadows Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • We have three rivers in Concord: the Sudbury and Assabett flow together to form the Concord. The Sudbury River Valley Trustees are committed to protecting wildlife habitat and the ecological integrity of the Sudbury, Assabet, and Concord Rivers.
  • The American Whitewater Affiliation has information about the seasonal whitewater on the Assabet.
  • Organization for the Assabet River seeks to protect and preserve the river and its watershed.
  • A cross-country river traveler writes about her passage along the our rivers .
  • Tour skating along the Concord and Sudbury Rivers.
  • An article by Al Lima, Director of Planning and Land Management for the Town of Concord, about Open Space through Limited Development, including the Sudbury River "Viewshed."
  • The Literary Traveler visits the Concord River and Walden Pond.
  • Read the chapter in Thoreau's "Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers" about the Concord River.
  • See a USGS map of the Concord River Drainage Basin. (other maps of Concord)
  • Read about the amazing world's first 1000+ species Biodiversity Day held in 1998 in Concord and Lincoln, MA: 1905 species were identified in 24 hours!

    Local News

  • WIQH 88.3 FM is Concord-Carlisle High School's own public radio station.
  • The Boston Globe news.
  • WBZ Radio and TV (local Boston Metropolitan news).
  • WHDH TV (ch. 7) (local Boston Metropolitan news).
  • The Concord Journal

  • "More than any other community in America, Concord, Massachusetts, evokes what the Hopi people call "tuwanasaapi," the centering place, the place where you belong, the spiritual core of the Universe."
    --John Hanson Mitchell

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