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More TV-free Concord Activities
By Mimi Doe. Continuing with more local things adults and children to enjoy together.

Letters to the Editor
From our electronic mailbag...submit your own for publication!

This Month's Art
Continuing our experiment with a more picturesque format, we have turned to artists from a variety of places to illustrate this edition.

Hidden Concord: Learning and Living History
By Deborah Bier. Local historian D. Michael Ryan both studies and lives out Concord Revolutionary history.

In the Writing Tradition: James and Susan Colburn
By Loraine Ash. The Colburns were an important Concord family. Here is part of the tale about one from the last generation to be born here.

Detained and Held for Questioning
By Deborah Bier. Explore the new Minuteman National Historical Park with this ranger-led trek.

All Things Concord
By the Concord Magazine staff. Have you any idea how many ways the name "Concord" is used around the world? Take an amusing 'Net tour and find out.

Concord of the 1950's
Concord's Martin Studios gives us a peek into their archives, showing us Concord during the 1950's.

The Down Side of a Hot Concord Real Estate Market
By Bonnie Allison. Find out how some vulnerable older sellers may have been taken advantage of by unethical buyers and how you can protect yourself.

The Back Page
Favorite Concord views and quotes. This time: John Hanson Mitchell's "Walking Toward Walden."

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