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Aug/Sept '99
The Ezine for and about Concord, Massachusetts

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About this issue

By The Staff of the Concord Magazine.

There are a good number of folks who know something interesting about Concord. People with a great deal of knowledge, interest, enthusiasm and passion. But you don't see each one's words or images in this ezine. Why is that?

It's because only some of them understand the nature of this publication. As a community gift, we are grateful that contributors give generously of their time and expertise. Like the staff of the Concord Magazine, all who participate do it gladly as a public service.

No institution in Concord understands this better than our absolutely wonderful public library. From research possibilities, opportunities for insightful discussion, and the generous lending of their amazing resources, we are so much the richer for their contributions. In particular, Curator of Special Collections, Leslie Perrin Wilson, embodies this spirit of public service. You will find two articles by her in this edition as well as several fascinating images from the collection she oversees.

How Do We Look?
Have you noticed each page of this edition looks a little different than the previous ones? We have moved our design to accommodate a higher resolution monitor, which we hope still keeps us accessible to the majority of people. If you find the pages too wide for your monitor, please let us know. (Our initial experiment last issue yielded only one complaint, so we think we're pretty safe.)

Disappearing Artists
Besides photos from the Special Collections of our public library, you will find among our pages the usual splendid assortment of art by Internet artists from around the world. However, you might find links that we've made to some of their sites suddenly no longer work, both in this edition and in earlier ones. This is beyond the usual level of natural migration as they change URL's and leave no forwarding address.

You will find many of the ones who disappeared were hosted by Geocities, Tripod, and a few of the other "free" services. It seems that some of these companies decided that in return for the free hosting, they had the right to redistribute, market, and otherwise use these artists' work without need for permission!

This resulted in a boycott of Geocities and Yahoo and a lot of artists simply moved their sites quite suddenly. Geocities has since reconsidered due to the media campaign mounted by users. We applaud Geocities/Yahoo doing the right thing and the power users exercised via the 'Net. Do click on the link about the boycott as it is an impressive tale of what regular folks can do over just a few days to make a large company change their minds.

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