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Aug/Sept '99
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Letters to the Editor Highlights from our virtual mailbag. Please email your letters to us, making them as short as possible. We reserve the right to edit them for length and clarity. For safety's sake, they may be published anonymously, but you must send us your name in your email. We're sorry, but we cannot answer all questions we receive.
Unattractive to Prospective Homeowners
The community may be interested to know that we subscribed to the Concord egroup list to learn more about Concord in hopes of moving there in the near future. The hundred or so messages we received during the past week have not shown Concord in a very good light between nasty remarks regarding the school budget vote and endless discussions about Walden Pond. This is NOT a selling point for the community and you may want to remove the egroup option from your website where interested homeowners may wander and stumble upon all the town's TROUBLES.
Thomas Garland Jr., Mountain View, CA

Concord is a real, live town with real, live problems like any other place. Our intention in providing public access to a discussion list about and for the town of Concord is to be honest about who we are. This we consider an asset, not a liability. That our citizens care about our town enough to discuss our differences makes us stronger.

The discussion referred to above was actually quite mild-mannered. We consider any disillusionment which comes about from a frank discussion of citizen views to be a public service well performed. Better it happen before someone moves thousands of miles to live here and then finds out Concord isn't the place they imagined it to be. -Editor

Concord Homepage "Short on Information"
Visited your page this morning in search of accommodations for our early August visit. Regret to report that we found only one. The site is attractive, but short on information. Thanks for reading.
Regards - Bob Petrilla, Roosevelt, NJ

With over 3,000 text and image documents on our site, it is hard to say we are exactly short on info. ;-)

However, we are also sad there are not more accommodations listed. As you can see quite clearly here, sponsoring local businesses can be listed and linked to the Concord Homepage. Obviously, those who do not are missing a lot of business. -Editor

Looking for Info on the Brown Family
I have been a collector of antique letters, diaries, and manuscripts for over 15 years now and have just come across some wonderful family letters from Concord, Mass. There are about 50 letters and a diary of a woman named Abbie Brown, who sailed with her father Joseph Brown and two others, to Europe, aboard the steamer "Palmyra" in 1873. All her letters are about her trip and written to her family back home in Concord. She mentions much about the town, friends, happenings and her life back in Concord.

I have found out a little about the family through your wonderful library, such as name and birthdates of the family (Joseph Darby and Lucy Reed, being Abby's father and mother, Lucy Rebecca 1/12/41, Ellen A. 6/14/44, Abbie 11/10/45, Elizabeth 8/23/48 and Joseph Jr. 2/23/50, all being her sisters and brother). The letters are fascinating and I would love to know more about the family and wonder if anyone could help me out. I would gladly pay any costs such as shipping, copies, etc.
Thanks so much - Sally Ivey 848 E. Main Street, Sheridan, OR 97378

More Melvins Found
I really can't believe it myself, but thanks to your magazine and all the help you have given me, I have just heard from the family of Samuel Melvin's sister-- Caroline. They found my name in the May '98 issue of the magazine and contacted me. (See here for an article on local history and families.)
Carol Calkins, Melvin Family Descendant

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