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Aug/Sept '99
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Table of Contents

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About This Edition
By The Staff of the Concord Magazine. Special notes about this issue.

Elizabeth Peabody's Foreign Library
By Leslie Perrin Wilson. Find out about the Transcendentalist and reformer for whom Concord's Peabody School is named. Part 2 of a 3-part series.

The Pharologist of Concord
By Deborah Bier. Concord boaters -- and Santa Claus, too -- used to be guided by a special light.

Concord Cooking: Concord Grape Conserve
By Deborah Bier. This spicy preserve includes several types of fruit and features none other than our local Concord grape.

Hidden Concord: Trials and Tribulations for Concord's Tories
By D. Michael Ryan. Find out the fate of those Concordians who didnt' support the Colonists during the Revolutionary War.

Letters to the Editor
From our electronic mailbag: The Melvin and Brown families and complaints, complaints!

Papers of Legendary Hoar Family Come to the Concord Library
By Leslie Perrin Wilson. From a family important to Concord, the state, and the country, this exciting new collection gives insight to over two centuries of history.

Special Concord Y2K Section

Stronger Neighborhoods and Y2K: Questions and Answers
By The Staff of the Concord Magazine. Members of Concord Citizens Y2K field your most frequent asked questions.

Adult Ed Offers Y2K Program
Concord Carlisle Adult and Community Education offers an interesting mix of classes aimed at preparation for Y2K and beyond.

More Y2K Preparations: Water Storage
By Pantry Patty. Water is the basic element for survival; a short guide to storing and using water under emergency conditions.

Thoreau Almanac
Another installment of this monthly feature: a quote from Walden and a Concord scene, both appropriate to the season.
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