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Concord's Fall Recycling Extravaganza

recycle! REUSIT and Concord Public Works are sponsoring their Fall Swap-off and Drop-off Day on Saturday, October 18 from 9:30 AM - 3:00 PM at the Public Works Yard, 133 Keyes Road. At this special twice-yearly event (Spring and Fall), Concord residents have the opportunity to recycle, reuse, or dispose of items that have come to the end of their useful life. For specifics of what to bring or not to bring, see the Concord Public Works website.

How Much Did We Recycle Last Time?
The May, 2003 Drop-off was larger than ever, with 895 vehicles coming through (that's one car every 24 seconds). For comparison, last fall there were 753 vehicles and last spring -- now the second largest event -- had 822. A staggering 120 volunteers worked during this event. Can this Fall's event match or beat May's?

The following materials were collected for recycling:

get to the swap off/drop off any way you can!

  • 4 30-yard roll-off containers of scrap metal
  • 57 propane tanks
  • 50 freon appliances
  • 15 microwave ovens
  • 1 30 yard roll-off of carpeting (visit the EPA website on carpet recycling)
  • 85 mattresses
  • 25 pieces of upholstered furniture
  • 170 55-gallon bags of styrofoam block
  • 25 55 gallon bags of flowerpots
  • 23 bags of plastic bags
  • 16 bags of athletic shoes
  • at least 5 cubic yards of rags
  • 5 bags of old towels for animal shelters
  • 1 box of cell phones
  • 1 42-yard trailer of electronics (including 213 monitors) how many trucks did it take to haul it all away??!
  • 1 truck of reusable building materials
  • 3 10-cu yd dumpsters of corrugated cardboard
  • 10 pounds of crayons
  • 45 pounds of loose cd's
  • 60 pounds of cd's in their cases
  • 45 pounds of computer diskettes
  • 6 pounds of videos
  • 300 fluorescent bulbs
  • 40 pounds of rechargeable and other specialty batteries
  • 10 pounds of mercury containing devices
  • 5 pounds of ink jet cartridges
  • 7 30-yard rolloffs of oversized waste, half of which can be used for landfill cover

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