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Table of Contents Fall 2004

Roads, Religion and Russell: Concord Gives Birth to Lincoln, MA
By D. Michael Ryan
The politics and persistence behind the birth of neighboring Lincoln

Thank You!
Many thanks to our proofreader Conni Manoli-Skocay!
"Spirit Doors" or Split-Wedged Rocks
By Peter Waksman
Did humans split huge rocks in the forest and wedge them with smaller rocks...and if so, why?

A Close Call for the Concord Magazine
By Deborah Bier
This was the edition that nearly didn't happen...

Music Festival of Young Musicians Held in Concord
By Gail Kearns
Little known, it's Concord's own summer musical festival

Captured by the Camera
By Leslie Perrin Wilson
Nineteenth-century photographic treasures from our Library

Genial Spirits Still Haunt Concord's Old Manse
By By Tom O'Malley
A peaceful visit filled with the ghosts of history

Unidentified Houseguests: Reddish Brown with Long Antenna
By Susan Clark
You don't want to step on these bugs!

Community Preservation is Question 1 on November Ballot
By Joseph C. Wheeler
New state monies may be coming to Concord for recreation, affordable housing, historic preservation and open space

Emerson Rocks the Vote
By Ralph Waldo Emerson
The issues of politics and morality mean as much today as they did in Emerson's

Special Section Honoring

Local Nonprofit Seeks Support to Buy Thoreau Birth House
By Lucille Stott
The possibility of restoration of this historic house takes a giant leap forward

The Wreck of the St. John & Henry David Thoreau
By Richard Smith
A tragic shipwreck in Cohasset became a powerful essay by Thoreau

Thoreau Society's Research Collections are Open to All
By Jayne Gordon
The Society's collection of over 100,000 items helps anyone explore Thoreau's life and work

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