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Table of Contents Autumn 2006
Thank You!
Much gratitude to Sallie Satterthwaite who stepped in to do this issue's proofing!

An Early Naturalist Burns Down a Concord Forest
By R. Todd Felton
Thoreau once accidentally set fire to 300 acres of Concord forest

New Community Emergency Response Team Program Coming to Concord This Fall
Emergency preparedness in Concord achieves a new level

Early Human Life in Great Meadows
By Carol Gupta
The meadows boast the richest concentration of early human artifacts in Concord

Nathaniel and Sophia Reunited after 142 Years
By Sister Mary Joseph Powers, O.P.
The Hawthorne reunion retold, from the journey overseas through the reburial and public service

dun leavesAntislavery in Concord Explored at the Library
By Leslie Perrin Wilson
Concord's rich involvement in this movement was more complex than is popularly known

The Old Manse Prepares for Civil War
By AnneMarie Donahue
The historic events of 1861 were re-enacted; Emerson, Thoreau, Hawthorne, and Alcott were present

Needles and Haystacks: Pastoral Imagery in American Needlework from the Winterthur Collection
Exquisite examples of pastoral scenes done in needlework by early American schoolgirls

A Threatened Minute Man Statue
By Liz Nelson
The minutemen's fight at the North Bridge in 1775 may have been nothing compared to the 20th-century threats this statue faced

Living History, Not Just Teaching It
By AnneMarie Donahue
So, where does an historic re-enactor find a snood when she needs one??

A Rarely Seen Resident: The Star Nosed Mole!
by Elizabeth Zeng
One of the fastest eaters in the animal kingdom gets room service... at least for a while

Early American Folk Music Goes to China: The Jolly Rogues
By D. Michael Ryan
East meets west in fascinating ways through this local group's to mainland China

Historical Wonderings: What If?
By D. Michael Ryan
Change just one variable, and the Concord Fight might have gone very differently

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