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Get Involved: Contribute to the Concord Magazine

By Deborah Bier, editor and publisher of this Ezine.

We have heard from so many people interested in contributing to this community ezine, including writers, artists, and those who wish to work behind the scenes. Since the magazine is a community project, sharing your talent and knowledge with the community is a way to be a good citizen. We're thrilled to hear from you, and for your ease, we provide these guidelines below.

Help Behind the Scenes
We always have a need for help of every stripe. And I bet whatever your abilities and experience, there is something you can contribute. Contact me and we'll figure out what you like to do and what we need!

Artists & Writers
We are not looking for only professional writers and artists, though that is always wonderful. You do not have to be previously published; you only have to have something you want to share and communicate to our community. (BTW: I include in the Concord community not only those who live and work here but those who are with us in spirit.) If you are looking to sometime do professional writing or artwork, this is a great place to get credentials, learn to work with an editor, and collect published clips.

There are some months our editorial schedule is all filled up, so it is not always possible to see your piece in the next issue, though if it is time-limited, we will try.

Any time you want to suggest an article, run by me a short synopsis (25-50 words) for approval. I will also look at a finished piece if it is already on hand. Then, our guidelines are as follows: 500 words max. Longer pieces might be considered for more than one issue as a serial.

For fiction/poetry: short stories (can be up to 750 words) or excerpts from longer works. Poetry: must be printable on an 8x11" page in its totality...sorry, can't accommodate anything longer.

If you are interested in contributing a photo essay or sketchbook, send me 25-50 words about your concept for the piece plus 2-3 samples of your work (could be from your proposed piece or other work) so I know what I'm approving.

If you wish to generally illustrate some of our pieces, please let me know about your work and I will let you know what is on our schedule.

If you are interested in illustrating a complete issue like we have done with some other artists, then again, let me know about your work and what time of year is good for you to work. I would want a 3-month lead time at least for an entire issue. For artists, it's a great way to learn about the digital medium if it's new to you and to have in effect an on-line portfolio of your work.

Topics to Choose
Since we are interested in anything about living, working, thinking about or being in Concord from anyone anywhere, as well as fiction and poetry from Concord-dwellers or workers, this is a pretty wide field! Surprise us with your ideas....I imagine they could be nearly infinite.

Our audience is a general one of all ages, incomes, nationalities, levels of education, knowledge about Concord, etc. The technology they have on hand to view our magazine could be anything from primitive to state-of-the-art. We shy away from anything which requires special technological knowledge or requires special software to view.

Unfortunately, we are not in a position to pay anyone for their work (and that includes me! ). But we do give email links and, if its topic is applicable to your contribution, a link to your website. It's a great way to let our audience know about your expertise or business.

Boy, we sure love our sponsors! Without them, we just couldn't do this. Deadline for sponsorship for any particular issue is the 5th of the month (publication date the 15th). For more info on sponsoring, see here.

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How to Reach Us

You can email the editor here.

Our snailmail address is PO Box 285, Concord, MA 01742.

Phone us at 978 369-0113.

If you are sending writing or art samples via regular mail, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for their return.

You can email samples to us as well. For text, PLEASE if possible include it in the body of an email message, not as an attachment. Just copy and paste. For art, send us scans as attachments in .gif or .jpeg formats, or even better, send us a URL where we can view them on the Web.

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