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Editorial: Leave Your Mouse Ears at Home
By Deborah Bier. A chance meeting on Main Street and the words left unspoken.

Minuteman Coins and Stamps
By John Deecken. A lifetime fascination with coins and stamps yields a marvelous minuteman collection.

This Month's Art
Cartoonist and graphic artist John Deecken illustrates this month's issue.

Hidden Concord: Grand Musick and the Concord Conflict
By D. Michael Ryan. The music that kept the troops buoyed at the Old North Bridge.

Letters to the Editor
From our electronic mailbag: a last message; Concord, Austria; Concord, France. Submit your own for publication!

The Allen Chair Company
By Anthony Dorman. This West Concord company made thousands of office and school desks and chairs, and much more.

Concord Mystery: Whatever Happened to Thoreau's Hut?
By Deborah Bier. After Thoreau's stay at Walden, whatever happened to the house that Henry built?

Community Concern: The Year 2000 Problem Leave Small Businesses Particularly Vulnerable
By the Concord Y2K Study Group. Small firms may be the most vulnerable sector of the business community.

Financial Fiascos
By Bonnie Allison. Concord's 18th and 19th century history was peppered with colorful -- and sometimes criminal -- events involving banking and money.

Thoreau Almanac
The start of a new monthly feature: a quote from Walden and a Concord scene, both appropriate to the season.

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