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Table of Contents

Special Theme this Issue: Concord's Waterways
By Deborah Bier. Poetic and inspiring words by many authors describe our rivers, brooks, ponds and streams.

Conantum: Concord's First Residental Development
By Manya Kapikian. Built from a wooded swamp, Conantum is an early and well-known example of an American way of life: the residential development.

Ms. Blandings' Dreamhouse
By Andrea Menna Taylor. Saved from the teeth of a lawnmower soon after hatching, this little turtle is a rare resident of Concord.

Henry Hikes to a Surprise Success
By Deborah Bier. A children's book based on a snippet from Thoreau's Walden draws national attention.

Amusements at Lake Walden
By Ginger Allison. Vastly popular as it was in the 19th century, many were not amused by throngs of visitors to Walden for dancing, racing, speeches, picnics and bathing.

Letters to the Editor
From our electronic mailbag: Stealthy political tactics, Concord Magazine in the classroom, USNS Concord, printing problems.

Myth and History: A New Understanding on a Famous Statement (Part 3 of a continuing series)
By D. Michael Ryan. A search for historical truth leads to a new interpretation of Joseph Hosmer's plea at the Old North Bridge: 'Will you let them burn the town down?'"

"Carnival of the Boats" -- A Fourth of July Festival from the Past
An unknown 19th century author describes a Concord flotilla of lights.

A Day in the Life of Open Table
By Harriet Kaufman. What does it take to make dinner and groceries for 100 Open Table guests every week?

Historic Buttrick Facts Reviewed and Revised
By D. Michael Ryan. Careful research in primary sources reveals new information about the man in charge at the Old North Bridge on April 19, 1775.

"There Was a Young Lady from Concord....": Concord Limerick Contest Results
Limerick entries from around the world; the winners declared.

From Our Archives: More About Concord's Waterways
Want to learn more about Concord's waters? Here's a baker's dozen from our archives.

Thoreau Almanac
A quote from any of Thoreau's writings and a Concord scene, both appropriate to the season.

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