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Table of Contents

Help WIQH Return to the Air
Concord-Carlisle High School's radio station can serve many of the needs of our community, but only if it goes back on the's how you can help.

The Concord Magazine's Second Anniversary
By Deborah Bier. This community-based electronic magazine is going strong on this, its second anniversary.

Town Meeting 2000
Attend Town Meeting and exercise your power to make decisions about life in Concord -- your vote counts!

Update on Concord's Neighborhood Network
By Valarie Kinkade. News from Concord's Neighborhood Network.

Open Table Still Vital to the Concord Community
By Margaret Harding, Open Table. Despite the booming national economy, there are still people in Concord who would be hungry every day without Open Table.

Learning about Winter Wild Flowers
By Mary Walker. Throughout winter, there's still sign of our local wild plants to find and study.

Special Section: The Concord Fight's 225th AnniversaryPatriot's Day Special 225th Anniversary

More Patriot's Day Events
More special events being held in Concord in commemoration of the 225th Patriot's Day.

Letters to the Editor
From our electronic mailbag: What makes that bridge so RUDE?

"To Support the Truth of It": Concord History and Mythology
By Deborah Bier. A display at Concord's Free Public Library demonstrates how the facts of April 19th contribute to a unique American mythology.

Burial Site of the Third British Soldier
By D. Michael Ryan. After 225 years, the burial place of the third British soldier killed at the battle at the North Bridge will finally

receive acknowledgment.  

A Snow-Touched Concord Minuteman
By Richard Stevenson. A photo essay of Daniel Chester French's Concord Minuteman statue kissed by snow.

Thoreau Almanac
A change to our back page series: a quote from ANY of Thoreau's writing and a Concord scene, both appropriate to the season.

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