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Letters to the Editor

Highlights from our virtual mailbag. Please email your letters to us, making them as short as possible. We reserve the right to edit them for length and clarity. For safety's sake, they may be published anonymously, but you must send us your name in your email. We're sorry, but we cannot answer all questions we receive.

Dreaming of Sally Ann's Yellow Cake
As a former Concord resident, I thoroughly enjoy your magazine.

As April approaches, I'm reminded of the parade and hoping that you will include something about it in your next issue.

Although I don't have a recipe to share that I can recall at this time, except for my favorite Peter Bulkeley "special" of American Chop Suey; I would like to request, if available, a Sally Anns' bakery favorite of mine, which was a yellow cake with lemon filling and a (buttercream) glaze on top. I have daydreams of this delicious cake along with my sisters of their blueberry muffins topped with the sugar crystals. If anyone could pass along the recipe, I'd be forever grateful. Thank you for the wonderful online magazine which enables us to visit our hometown as close as our computer.
Virginia (Perry) Hannah

Virginia: We had NO idea that Peter Bulkeley had an American Chop Suey recipe! ;-) Please do tell us more.

Plasticine Man!
I've just seen your important archaeological article regarding the surprise finding of Plasticine Man in such an attractive town as Concord(!). I was pleased to see that there was so much attention to detail in the report (I might have expected some of the information to have been held back, on the grounds that it could encourage a serious mass break-out of gardening!)

Here in England, of course, (and especially in this historic city of Oxford), we are, as you know, rather more reserved - you won't find us boasting about our rubbish tips! (But I bet we've got FAR worse traffic problems, pollution, and uncontrolled cyclists than you'll ever have!)

But back to the subject of garden discoveries: For those of you with an interest in discovering old flooring materials, you may wish to come and dig up our back lawn...I'm told by my neighbour that a previous owner of our house laid a carpet underneath it. I find the thought of ever having to dig it out totally appalling!

My congratulations to the finder of Plasticine Man. An excellent article - very funny!
Paul and Pat Mallett, Oxford, England

ps: If you were thinking of coming to Oxford in the next couple of months, be warned! The city council is engaged in a serious attempt to make the city centre car-free. They are doing this by digging up almost every road junction, laying cables, pipes, and speed humps, etc... This, of course, has made the queues of traffic even worse than they normally are! (Apart from that, the city is as amazing as it ever was!)

Come and visit us soon...and bring a spade (the City Council could do with some help!)

A Loring Coleman for Your Bare Walls?
I live in northwest Ohio. I visited Concord two years ago, and am an avid reader of this fine publication.

In regards to the reader (Letters to the Editor, 4/99) who was interested in finding a source for a website on his work, or a place to purchase his work, he might want to try Barewalls - they carry all kinds of prints. When they don't have what you are looking for, they will scope out the territory and see if they can find what you want. Well worth a shot! I have ordered from them myself, and they are honest, affordable and timeworthy in sending you your order.
Thank you - Cynthia A. Krynock

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Short Notes

I like the new format for your bulletin board. It helped me find out about the class of '68 CCHS reunion and put me in touch with some of my classmates. Would it be possible to set up a page for alumni of CCHS to check in and touch base?
Thanks - Daniel Sebring

Daniel: Glad you found it useful! You and your fellow alum are certainly welcome to use this board for that purpose. But if you really want you rown, it is a free service and you only have to follow the links on it to get to the host site.

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