the Concord MagazineMay '99

Concord is Truly Out of this World

By the Staff of the Concord Magazine.

For reasons we cannot quite explain, the idea that there is a Concord on the planet Mars just tickles us. Well, since we have populated THIS planet with Concords, it does seem inevitible this would spill over to other places in the solar system. (Find out more about other Concords here.) Perhaps when we make first contact with alien species from other worlds, we will find they, too, have a Concord on THEIR home planet.

 We have long been fascinated by the crater named by NASA for our town in 1976, enjoying the black and white views of it we have found on the Web in the past years. But recently, NASA came out with a composite technique for displaying detailed Viking Orbiter photos in COLOR. The one of the Concord crater and its outlying area (seen on this page) we find to be quite beautiful: the texture seems like distressed copper. "Our" crater can be seen as the larger of the two almost perfectly round shapes in the upper left corner. It is approximately 20 km in diameter. 

View more NASA Viking Orbiter photos of Mars here . This particular photo is courtesy of the Planetary Data System's Mars Explorer .

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