the Concord Magazine May/June 2001
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Table of Contents

Helen Thoreau: Henry's Big Sister
By Richard Smith
While many know of Thoreau's sister Sophia, few are familiar with older sister Helen and of the warm relationship she held with Henry.

Memorial Day in Concord
By Ginger Allison
No, it's not the extravaganza of Patriot's Day, but Concord's sweet small-town version of the day is just right for local folks.

A Thoughtful and Delicate Act
By Aryeh Finklestein
Rumor, incorrect information, and confusion mark many of our understandings of the North Bridge site today. The author's decade-long research reveals the first of many mysteries.

Concord's Spring Trees in Bloom
By Mary Walker
Spring is finally here....learn about what's blooming among Concord's trees.

Concord Cameos: The Barbed Pen of William Stevens Robinson
By Leslie Perrin Wilson
The newspaper columns of this Concord journalist influenced politics in Massachusetts and beyond in the years leading up to the Civil War. This is an installment in a new series on lesser-known but fascinating and important Concord people.

Emerson, the Bridge and the British
By D. Michael Ryan
A neighbor to the North Bridge at the Old Manse, Rev. William Emerson, using his pulpit to point out the injustices of British rule, was considered "a very bad subject of his majesty."

Special Musketiquid Predators Section

Musketaquid Earth Day
By Cynthia Aguilar and Deborah Bier
For the first time, Concord-Carlisle High School students participated in Concord's Earth Day celebration through an original interpretative performance and through this special section of the Concord Magazine.

Musketquid Earth Day Survival of the Fittest
By Students from CCHS' B Block Performing Arts Class
CCHS students portray the food chain and the cycle of life through comedy.

The Dance of the Red-Tailed Hawk
By Students from CCHS' B Block Performing Arts Class
A beautiful interpretative dance shows our most prominent species of hawk from mating, to the hatching and fledging of their young.

Musketiquid: Art Healing Community Ties
By Deborah Bier
Age discrimination and mutual mistrust between teenagers and adults in our community are bridged through the performing arts...but there's still lots of work to do.

In Their Own Words: Following the Dramatic Muse
By Students from CCHS' B Block Performing Arts Class
Photos and excerpts from the students' process notes, performance scripts, and class assignments.

So, How Did the Project Turn Out?
How did the audience rate the students' performances? And what did the students themselves think? Hint: superlatives abound!

The Thoreau Almanac
A quote from any of Thoreau's writings and a Concord scene. This installment: the barn owl.

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