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Table of Contents November/December 2001
click to enterNeighborhood Network Helping Before and After 9/11
This homegrown organization finds itself in the spotlight.

November sunset click to enterFamily Trees: Storytelling Celebrated at the Concord Museum
By Carol Haines
Generations of storytelling & fanciful trees decorated with inspiration from children's books

click to enterLiberty, Freedom, Independence, Strength: The Liberty Pole
By D. Michael Ryan
Our Monument Square flagpole has its origins in the Liberty Pole, a symbol of freedom and rebellion.

click to enterSleepy Hollow Cemetery: A Tour -- Part 1
by Andrea Menna Taylor and Deborah Bier
A tour of some of the most popular sites in our town cemetery.

click to enterLetters to the Editor
Our readers write: heart and healing following September 11th, a loss of a Concord treasure...more...

click to enterA Childhood Fascination Leads to New Future for the Benson House
By Deborah Bier
Without people passionate about old structures, the house and barn at the end of Balls Hill Road would already be history.

click to enterConcord Remembers
Our unique flag retirement ceremony and the vigil for September 11th in photos.

click to enterMonument Square's Blue Spruce
By Kristina Joyce
Some history of this noble tree.

elegant trees in a November sunsetclick to enterFrederic Hudson, Father of American Journalism (A Concord Cameo)
by Leslie Perrin Wilson
One of the defining forces of modern journalism, a founder of the Associated Press and Concord resident.

click to enterHenry Thoreau's Minnesota Excursion
By Richard Smith
Already ill with tuberculosis, Thoreau traveled to the western frontier in an attempt to regain his health.

click to enterThe Thoreau Almanac
A quote from any of Thoreau's writings and a seasonal Concord scene. This installment: the pleasure of a thick pine wood.

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