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Highlights from our virtual mailbag. Please email your letters to us, making them as short as possible. We reserve the right to edit them for length and clarity. For safety's sake, they may be published anonymously, but you must send us your name in your email. We're sorry, but we cannot answer all questions we receive.

Letters to the Editor

Wants to Help Buttrick Gardens
You've got mail!My name is Thomas Hadley Buttrick of Gaylord Michigan and I am Sad [about the state of the Buttrick Gardens (here and here]!!!! Please let me know what I can do.
Tom, we want to offer the Magazine as a place for those who are interested in this subject to meet one another. We believe it will be through a collaborative, inventive group of people that a solution will be created to meet this challenge. Anyone who wants to meet others who are interested, please email us. We will collect your email addresses and once we have at least three, we will put you in touch with one another. - Vibration Editor

Remember: There are No Stupid Questions
Was this hunking or Hunkins in Concord or Andover or HAverhill?? Tank you if you cna answer that for me.. - Arlene

Could you tell me any of the names of the statues at the pond? I forget the peoples name but one of the men were from the Witch trial he tried to mend things with the Witch Trail and there was another Statue with another fellow I forget his name - Bill

Great Concord Visits...Great Concord Reading
My friend and I briefly stopped in Concord in hopes of finding what turned out to be the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. After giving the visitor's center lady a vague 1950's postman?description of what we were looking for, she immediately went into action mapping out the best way to get there from our starting point along with hints of the many other wonder sites to see in beautiful Concord. It seemed that just about everyone there greeted us with a smile and warmth. We were treated as if we were your only visitors! Thank you for making our day! Dawn

We enjoy the magazine so much. It brings back and refreshes our memories of Concord from several visits there--the last in June 2001. Please keep up the good work on the magazine. Lucy and Val

Just wanted to congratulate you on your beautifully presented and pleasantly coloured website with heaps of info. Our son moved to Concord last year and I will visit him this October. It is nice to get to know his surroundings and all the history of the place before my visit. Sounds all very interesting. Looking forward to being there! Thank you and regards from, Cathy - Maleny, Australia

Looks wonderful, as always! I'm waiting to get back home so I can print out some of these fascinating articles. You really do a delightful (and enormously time-consuming, I'm sure) job, each issue! Win - Concord, MA

Swedish Artist & the Post Office Mural
I have enjoyed reading about that Swedish artist who painted the mural in the post office and I was informed about it through a dear Swedish e-mail friend in Stockholm, Sweden. My grandfather came from PostmasterKarlskrona, Sweden and his sister Alice Larson lived on the Cape at Chatham so it was very interesting to me.

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While browsing the internet, I came across your lively magazine, and really enjoyed it. Please add my subscription ASAP! Thanks!

Brenda, consider it done! We will send you an announcement and table of contents each time we publish. Anyone else who wants to subscribe can send email to

Artwork: Wonderful images of cigar labels from the extensive collection of Cigar Label Junkie.

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